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We offer dry verge services in Cardiff and the areas around it. Redland Roofing also provides installation, repair and maintenance services of Dry Verges. Mortar pointing is not required for dry verges and ridges. Usually, mortar shrinks as time elapses and might also fall eventually, which allows water to seep in through the cracks in the roof.

dry ridge system
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Dry verges and ridges are generally manufactured for the specific tile profiles as they fit in perfectly only under ideal weather conditions.

As time elapses, the roof edges tend to develop a gap and ages eventually, especially near the edges of tiled roofs. But the best aspect about dry verge products is that, it offers a perfect finishing and the edges come out clean without any gaps around it, giving it a clean and well-finished look.

It is manufactured using PVC-U and uses a clip fixing system of end caps so that the installation can be carried out easily. It is weather proof, maintenance-free and is available in different colors so that it is in blend with the tiles and color of your roof.

It can be used on any new build roofs or in case of existing verge renewal. It is the best method to fix the verge tiles mechanically and it does not have any risk of the damage due to wind or the seepage of water.

Advantages of Dry Ridge System

  • It does not blow off: Among other things that influence the lifespan or bond of the ridge tiles, the dry ridge will not blow off under normal conditions and there will be no risk associated with it during storms. You will be free from risks such as the tiles falling on the floor.
  • Maintenance: Although mortar mixes tend to degrade with time, there is no maintenance required for Dry Ridge systems.
  • Ventilation: Dry ride provides excellent ventilation in the roof space and it does not allow any condensation build-ups on the roof.
  • Movement: You may be shocked to know that roofs move! The main reason is due to the vibrations in the surrounding or through natural contraction and expansion. In the case of dry ridges, this risk is eliminated too.

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